A wine tasting is the ideal way of learning more about wines and discovering new styles and varieties. Whether the focus is on food and wine matching, comparing vintages or tasting various grape varieties from different regions there are a world of nuances to discover. We can offer tastings for owners or charter guests, as a pre-dinner activity or an afternoon session. Here are a selection of themes we can offer, but we can also create something entirely bespoke to you:

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Introductory tasting

This is a good wine tasting to start with in order to cover the basics of wine tasting and to familiarise yourself with tasting techniques and vocabulary. It is conducted in a relaxed friendly fashion and the aim is to discover how different various wines can be depending on grape varieties, regions and climate. This tasting gives a good understanding of some of the main grape varieties and regions of the world.

Classic regions

Barolo, Burgundy and Bordeaux are all world famous wine regions with stunning wines made from different grape varieties. In this tasting we will discover these classics and many others. We will also go into more depth in terms of the wine making techniques employed and discover the meaning of “terroir”.

Old world vs. new world

Until the famous “Judgement of Paris tasting” in 1976 the world thought that all top quality wines came from the Old World. This tasting event opened our eyes and we now know that excellent wines can be produced from many parts of the world. However there are many profound and exciting differences to be discovered in terms of style and taste. This tasting will give a broad overview of top quality regions from around the world by comparing New world wines with more classic regions.

Food & wine

Wine is made to be had with food and although personal taste is a very good indicator of what is a good match and what is not, there are certain guidelines to follow and some truly exceptional pairings to make. This tasting allows for an understanding of these matches and will give you the ability to dazzle and amaze your guests at future dinner parties.

The sky is the limit

La Tache, Petrus, Cristal and Chateau Lafite are all grand names in the world of wine and the labels are often seen in the yachting industry. This tasting will take you behind their prestigious names and allow you to fully appreciate the quality and cultural status of these world famous wines.