Wine book for yachting

Dear Future Reader,
I´m very happy to share some exciting news! After an amazing season in 2016 I was looking forward to a few calm winter months whilst also preparing for the summer season 2017. But then I had the great idea to write a wine book; the first ever wine book for the yachting industry. Fast forward a few months and the book is almost finished, The Yacht Crew Wine Guide! 
The aim of the book is not to make you a wine expert by learning technical details and obscure wine regions but really to focus on what’s relevant for yachting. The idea is that this book will help you to feel more confident in your wine related work onboard and hopefully to answer some questions without giving too much unnecessary information.
I hope you will find it useful and I look forward to seeing you soon on a tasting or a WSET wine course!
Louise Sydbeck MW